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An easy-to-use solar park design software.

pvX is an AutoCad and BricsCad based software that allows you to design solar power plants quickly and efficiently.
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A Gift for Future Generations

In today’s technology era, the pvX software was born as a tool to facilitate access to clean energy. This software supports the fight against climate change by offering faster and more efficient access to clean energy sources for future generations.

With pvX, each of us can contribute to building a sustainable world. By promoting clean energy, we can help shape a greener and more liveable future.

 Take the first step to shape the future and discover pvX.


Project Developers

Earthworks analysis of the terrain​
Creation of suitable land for PV​
Fast feasibility works

Project planning

EPC Companies

Cost effective evaluation of excavation
Accurate pricing
Reduced construction costs


Accelerated and error-free engineering
Creating a common understanding in all disciplines​
Accurate financial evaluation

Our Story

Orçun and Onur, their shared passion for photovoltaics, and a vision for a more sustainable future led to the creation of pvX, a SaaS platform designed to make solar energy more accessible to everyone.


Unique Benefits

Quality and Performance

Without compromising on quality, pvX delivers superior results. It helps design the best solutions for your solar projects with reliability and efficiency.

Innovation and Future-Forward

pvX is an excellent choice for your future solar energy projects.With pvX, you can meet tomorrow's energy needs more efficiently, quickly and successfully.

Fast and Efficient

pvX's exceptional speed and efficiency sets it apart from the rest. If you're looking to start your project quickly and see results faster, pvX is the right tool for you.

All In One Platform

Simplify solar design and analysis with pvX’s all-in-one platform that strengthens efficiency, reliability and profitability.

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